Attenborough’s Reef

Sir David Attenborough dives the Great Barrier Reef in a Triton 3300/3.

View the trailer below for the accompanying Virtual Reality experience alongside further videos from the project.

A tour of the Alucia

The perfect coral reef

An Interactive Journey

About these videos

The world’s most renowned naturalist David Attenborough and award-winning team at Atlantic Productions embark on a unique, compelling and imaginative journey through the past, present and future of the mighty Great Barrier Reef – the Earth’s largest living structure.

David Attenborough has joined the Alucia, a 56 meter research and exploration vessel equipped with a state-of-the-art Triton 3300/3 submersible.

David Attenborough combines masterful storytelling with his trademark interactions with wildlife. But this is a much more personal story for David. In the sixty years since his first visit, the reef is now seriously threatened and he is determined to discover how we can save it, traveling to the deepest parts of the reef where no one has gone before.

The first of the three part series aired on BBC One Dec 30 2015, and world-wide in 2016.

Footage courtesy of Wired UK, Atlantic Productions and Natural History Museum of London.
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